Disconnect to Connect

It’s Chinese New Year festive period. Families are visiting homes of relatives and friends. But very quickly, you will probably notice that some of the little visitors would soon be huddled in a corner, or seated silently on a chair, in a quiet space of the home. That’s the power of mobile gadgets today – used as babysitters to keep young ones entertained, or perhaps, out of adults’ way?

Easy access to the Internet via mobile devices has brought about tremendous benefits, including education. Moderated use, especially amongst children, is good. But excessive usage, is not. Whilst children can learn a lot from the online videos or kids educational games on their gadgets, it’s also taking away meaningful interaction time for them – amongst their siblings and with their parents or grandparents.

Take a break – parents can encourage children to put down their devices. Play a family game together. Set aside time for a family chat. Disconnect from devices during dinner time. Read a bedtime story together.

We can disconnect (from devices) to connect better as a family. Let’s start today.


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