(R)awfully delicious!

Food is always something that brings families together. The times we share breakfast together. And the dinner times where we exchange the latest happenings in our day.

It’s not just about eating together. Having fun together to prepare a home-cooked meal is precious family bonding time too. What’s even better if the meal can be healthy and nutritious – parents can help kids learn about a healthier palate that will bring benefits for the rest of their lives.

At our upcoming family retreat on March 11, we have designed a program for hands-on raw cooking for kids. Here’s a sneak preview of what a raw food dish could be!


Mini Raw Cone – a rainbow full of goodness with greens, red cabbage, cucumber, avocado, cherry tomatoes in raw tahini ginger garlic dressing with toasted sesame and multi-seeds almond garlic crackers! (Photo courtesy of Tiko Sukarso)


Our friend, Tiko Sukarso, shares more about the benefits of raw food cooking:

“According to Dr. Amy Rachelle ND of Pure Raw School, raw food has fresh abundance of oxygen, water, enzymes, bio-availability, bio-electrical current, and living energy. The same quality elements as low glycemic index raw living food with slow-releasing glucose pace from sugar and carbohydrate, together with the practice of good food combining, allows for better digestion and self-absorption. These elements are needed for a constant thorough flushing and cleansing of our inner workings of the gastro-intestinal tract, rebuilding the good army of bacteria and healthy flora, balanced production and work of hormonal glands; an overall abundance within us. This is our physical and emotional well-being. Our belly, is our second brain. To be able to listen to our body and belly is to connect to our self.

Raw food is a form of fasting itself by eliminating and skipping a certain food that we have been attached to for a long period of time; a form of cleansing, flushing, and letting go of bad energy (any attachment from food). There is no good food and bad food, yet there is only too much stored ‘junk’ food (attachment and addiction) that is not serving for The Highest Good. These stored stagnant addiction energy must be moved or flushed thoroughly.

By consuming raw food, we’re adding more oxygen and water to our digestive system and hence cleansing and oxygenating blood for better flow of body’s detox (by second), as detox mostly occurs at the respiration system when breathing as much as O2 and flushing as much as Co2. Raw food and fasting is one form of physical and emotional well-being practices to be 100% content and enjoyable; to be able to give love, to be loved and to receive love.

By listening to our body and belly, we are working together with ourself.”


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