What Kids Think of Love

Our previous post was about the superpower of love. By chance, I asked my kids if they could write a short poem about love. The elder one came up with a haiku, and the younger one turned in two verses. And here there are – I hope you like them!

Love is a Strange ThingLove is mysterious and indeed the most powerful




The Most “Super” Power of All

Superheroes are probably part of many parents’ growing up memories. Likewise for the kids today, these fantasy tales of heroism and against all odds, fill up many bedtime stories or TV time.

Superheroes have lots of power – smashing through big rocks, flying through the air, blasting through the ground, freezing things, and more.

But what’s the most “super” power of them all? That was the question my child asked me one day.

Love was my response without hesitation.

My child’s eyes lit up and said “I knew it all along!”

Children love naturally and unconditionally. As parents, we need to let them flourish, not smother. Because love will be the equalizer, and when we go through good times and bad times, it will bring us through our journey positively.

Some simple ideas to nurture the love in your kids could range from showing how they care for Mother Earth to making a card for someone they love. Read more in this post about hands-on activities for kids.

There is always time for love in the family.