The Present is a Gift

Every day, we are caught up with our daily tasks, be it at work, in school or at home. We go through the motions, and sometimes, we try to get through things as fast as we could. Why?

Is it because we feel that we are wasting time and there are better things to do? Is it because we are getting more and more impatient in today’s fast-paced society? Is it because we don’t really care?

In our rush through daily life, in the name of getting things done, ticking off our checklist, we are missing out on something important in life. We have forgotten to stop and pause, to savour each moment in our life, no matter what we are doing.

And as parents, how often do we sigh and lament over how fast kids grow up and wistfully look back at their younger days? Yet, usually when facing the moment itself, we probably didn’t hold on to it to enjoy the moment, because we were busy being frustrated or upset that things are not going the way we want. We have forgotten how to see each situation with our kid, no matter how trying it could be, to see it and experience it with love.

As Dr. Seuss has aptly wrote:

How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?

Each day, we have 1,440 minutes. Every day, we have 86,400 seconds. We have countless opportunities to love and give each day. And our kids deserve it.

So, live in the moment, be fully present. Because the present is a gift in our life.

Here are some tips to get yourself into the present:

  1. Breathe – listen to your breathing, as the air flows into your body and out. We are alive at this moment, and appreciate it.
  2. Laugh – Remember a happy moment and smile, better still, laugh to yourself. Life is joyful, enjoy whatever it brings.
  3. Say a prayer – no matter which religion you believe in, it’s okay. Remind yourself of the love you can give and the purpose for this life, and express your gratitude.