Coming Soon in December!

Our next family retreat will be held on 2 December 2017.

As a working parent, we are often guilty of being caught up at work and not spending enough time with our children. There’s always so much activities happening at work and at home, fighting for our time and attention.

But we know, deep in our hearts that we want to spend quality time with our child, and not miss out on his /her growing up years.

Imagine if you could spend a day of quality time bonding with your kid through fun and play. That’s what Rainbow Connections Family Retreat is for.

This December, join us for the retreat, set in the lush greenery of nature. Laugh and bond with your kids through interactive games, do simple yoga poses together, try out raw food cooking and pick up useful parenting tips.

What you and your child will experience in the 1-day Rainbow Connections Family Retreat:

  • Fun, interactive games in nature to build trust and boost communication between you and child
  • An introductory parent-child yoga session featuring simple pair poses and a short meditation session
  • Simple craftwork inspired by nature for you and your kid to work together on
  • Just for kids – they will experience what is raw food cooking to discover the original flavours of natural foods
  • For parents – an insightful sharing session to tips and advice on acceptance and appreciation to enhance family relationships

Join the 1-day retreat as a parent-child pair – the precious memories of a day out dedicated to yourself and your kid will be treasured for years to come!