Event Happenings

March 11 was a day of sunshine and laughter! Parents and children had lots of fun throughout the day at our family retreat.

The day kicked off with interactive games – some kids had a great time “directing” their parents with funny poses and comical instructions. After the fun, kids then went on for a hands-on raw food cooking session – who knew that a delicious chocolate dessert could be made from so many natural ingredients with no preservatives and chemicals!

Parents had their private group session on sharing of parenting tips, discussing on the need for appreciation and acceptance of their child as unique individuals within the family unit. One parent shared a tip on increasing communication with her child by asking open-ended questions such as “how were you brave today in school”. Another parent shared his routine of having his own activity with each kid. All great learnings to help everyone in their unique parenthood journey!

After indulging in a vegetarian lunch, it was time for creating family mission and values. Through an intimate discussion, each parent-child pair then expressed their ideas and thoughts into an art masterpiece which they proudly brought home. Priceless keepsake!

The day wrapped up with an introductory yoga session where each parent and child do simple pair yoga poses, amidst lots of giggles. The yoga ended with a short meditation exercise. Apt to end the day of love with mindfulness and gratitude!

If you are up for this, don’t miss the next retreat!

Rainbow Connections Family Retreat March 11_Photo Collage